I am a Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor in Comparative Political Science at the University of Liverpool. I hold a PhD in Social and Political Sciences from the European University Institute.

My current research interests lie at the intersection between political sociology and comparative political science. I am particularly interested in how/when people's social attributes (gender, class, employment patterns, religion, etc.) influence their values, attitudes and political behaviour, and how the impact of such attributes is shaped by factors such as social and technological change, the political context and people's experiences (particularly during emerging adulthood).

A second strand of my research focuses on the sociological aspects of intra-party behaviour, and how this is influenced by political parties' organisational features.

My work deals with those issues from a broad perspective and focuses on topics as varied as public opinion, political engagement, voting behaviour, political parties and quantitative methods.

My current projects include a co-authored book with Luis Ramiro that investigates the vote for Radical Left parties in Western Europe, and which we expect to be published in 2022. I am also working on a project funded by a Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship that focuses on how support for political conservatism has changed in Western Europe during the past few decades.