Current projects

' Explaining the electoral decline of the mainstream right in Western Europe' (PI). Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship.

'Job precariousness and vote in Germany, Greece, France and Spain', with Giuseppe Cugnata (University of Florence), Yann Le Lann (University of Lille) and Luis Ramiro (UNED).

'Opening the black box of the gendered psyche to explain the gender gap in political engagement' (PID2019-107445GB-I00), Coordinated by Marta Fraile.

Past projects

''Comparative Analysis Of The Social Basis Of Support Of Radical Left Parties' (PI), Funded by Transform! Europe

`Is it gender, motivation, or something else? A study of the gender gap in political involvement'. Coordinated by Gema Garcia (UC3M)

`GENPOL: Gender inequalities in politics (knowledge, interest and political behaviour)’. Coordinated by Marta Fraile (CSIC & EUI).

`The Electoral Determinants of Radical Left Parties in Western Europe’. Coordinated by Luis Ramiro (Leicester).

`Do traditional `get out the vote' campaign methods work in Spain? A pilot experiment on nonpartisan mobilisation of immigrant and native voters'. Coordinated by Laura Morales (Leicester).

`Electoral behaviour in Spanish local elections: a multilevel approach'. Coordinated by Jose Ramon Montero (UAM).

´Party Patronage in Contemporary Europe’. Coordinated by Pter Kopecky (Leiden), Peter Mair (EUI) and Maria Spirova (Leiden).